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Client Testimonials

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Doing the job!

I used the produce and loved it. I’m hoping they have one with the taste of cinnamon. Other than that, I’ll be back!

First time user

The product is great. I’m going to try one that has cinnamon, if possible.

Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract w/Turmeric (THC Free) 600mg

Great products works 100%

Thank you guys I love this product and this was my first time trying it 100% works Hatimstylefit


So far so good!

300 mg CBD Oil

This oil is really impressive! I can see more energy and drive to do things!

No more pain

Every since we introduced this to our patients in their acute stage we have seen a dramatic difference in their healing time. Acute pain that used to take weeks to recover, are now only taking hours/days.

The best CBD

Our patients love this product. We cannot keep it on the shelves. Everyone is sleeping and enjoying life more thanks to HF CBD.

HF CBD and Muscle Cream

I wish I could give 10 stars!! Healing Flower is amazing! I have struggled with anxiety, depression, and insomnia for a long time. When I started using Healing Flower full spectrum CBD I started with 1200mg and noticed a difference right away. I was sleeping better immediately and it drastically helped with my anxiety. I felt peace and calming like never before. Most importantly I stopped taking my xanax. After a few months of using HF CBD oil....I decided to try the Full Spectrum Hemp Calm Balm Muscle Cream for my boyfriend who has back issues. He loved it as much as the oil. He sleeps better and has a good amount of relief. I highly recommend Healing Flower to everyone!

Huge improvements in sleep and anxiety

My wife has been using another CBD brand for a few months and was happy with her results. We decided to try Healing Flower since it came highly recommended from a health professional. She is surprised how much better she is feeling with the higher potency of this product. And she wakes up feeling more rested and is more focused and productive home schooling our kids🙂

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Calm Balm Muscle Cream

Great product! Use on knees and torn tissue on ankle. Gives me relief during stressful activity!

Best CBD I have ever tried.

Wow! Make me feel great! Love this CBD

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract 600mg

Noticeable calm and muscle tension release.

600 mg cbd

Excellent product!


Love the product...

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Calm Balm Muscle Cream

couldn't sleep after surgery

This cbd extract helped me so much to sleep through the night after my knee surgery. I used it together with pain medication and the combination was outstanding.

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract 600mg

More umph!

I bought this for a friend who is under a lot of stress and anxiety. She has issues sleeping and only get 3-4 hours of sleep a day. I got this for her and she said it does wonders.

Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract w/Turmeric (THC Free) 600mg

The only thing that helped.

My godmother has been suffering from gout. The medication they give her and all the topical products like blue emu have not been able to relieve the pain she has in her knees. When I shipped her the cbd balm she called me on the phone to thank me. She said it’s the only time she’s been able to say she was pain free for months.

After workout relief

Usually take this after a hard workout. I still want to be functional during the day, so I use this if I have things to do.

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