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Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract 600mg

Healing Flower’s full spectrum hemp extract is derived from organic hemp with a high CBD content. Each easy-to-use dropper bottle contains 600mg of CBD (cannabidiol) in a base of organic hemp seed oil. All synergistic cannabinoids and phytocompounds of the original plant are intact.

USAGE: Take 1 dropper full 1-2 times per day with or without food. Store in a cool dark place. Consult your doctor before giving it to your child.

< 0.3% THC

    Ingredients: raw hemp seed oil°, raw hemp extract (CBD),° rosemary extract°. °Organic

    Nutrition Facts: Serving Size = 30 drops (1g /20mg CBD), Servings Per Bottle 30, Amount Per Serving: Calories 7, Calories from Fat 7, Total Fat 0.78g (1%DV), Saturated Fat 0.06g (<1%DV), Total Carb 0g (0%DV), Dietary Fiber 0g (0%DV), Sugars 0g. Not a significant source of protein, trans fat, calcium, iron, cholesterol, vitamin A and vitamin C. Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

    All products contain less than 0.3% THC.

    Certificate of Analysis


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Ayana S.
    Has made my chronic neck/head pain and occipital neuralgia pain bearable!

    I was super hesitant to purchase CBD oil, as I have been pretty skeptical of it and its effects on the body. I've been suffering from occipital neuralgia, herniated discs in my neck, and chronic neck and head pain for the past 1.5 years from the wear and tear of being an athlete. The pain has been getting worse and worse- my head, neck, and trap pain is so terrible some days, that all I can do is lie in bed and cry. This is a problem for me, since I work as a dancer and circus artist for a living. I bought the Hemp 600 mg extract drops and I started using 7 small drops under the tongue once in the morning, and once at night per day (I am 5 ft tall, 115 lbs). It took a few days to start kicking in, but after the 3rd day of using it, it has become my holy grail. No other medicine I have been prescribed by the countless doctors I have been to in the past 1.5 years has helped give me this level of relief. My chronic pain has never been this bearable. It feels like something is blocking my neck and nerve pain, and I cannot recommend these extract drops enough. My pain is not 100% gone, but I know that I can count on this hemp extract to keep me sane and functioning until I can figure out the next step in my pain journey. I will definitely be purchasing this extract again once I run out of my current one. For months I was in so much pain that I couldn't train regularly- it's been about 2 weeks of regularly taking this extract, and I am now back to my regular dance and circus training, tumbling, turning, and bending without having to worry about pain flare-up. This extract has been a lifesaver for me.

    Said Hatim
    Great products works 100%

    Thank you guys I love this product and this was my first time trying it 100% works Hatimstylefit

    Teon Kowalyk
    Huge improvements in sleep and anxiety

    My wife has been using another CBD brand for a few months and was happy with her results. We decided to try Healing Flower since it came highly recommended from a health professional. She is surprised how much better she is feeling with the higher potency of this product. And she wakes up feeling more rested and is more focused and productive home schooling our kids🙂

    Maciek Wozniak
    Best CBD I have ever tried.

    Wow! Make me feel great! Love this CBD

    Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract 600mg

    Noticeable calm and muscle tension release.

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